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Review - Wirral Globe

December 18, 2013
Our reviewer Peter Grant says the Floral's production is one of the strongest traditional pantos in the Merseyside area.

This is one of the strongest traditional pantos in the Merseyside area.
A colourful stage welcomes the audience with some sparkling routines; song and dance numbers and all from star performers who relay the gags with relish.
Pop star Sonia is faultless as the vegetable fairy who has a cute way of forgetting what panto she is actually in. Very funny idea threaded throughout.
She has always been able to switch from drama to musicals with ease.
Mark Moraghan, stage, tv and film star is the hilariously hiss-able Fleshcreep.
His asides to the audience come from a master craftsman.
Mark James, best known for reaching the finals of Britain's Got Talent as Simple Simon is simply perfect.
Aided by multi-talented Nick Wilton of EastEnders fame as Dame Trott, this daft duo must lose a lot of weight during this run due to the multi-layered costumes and all that running around on stage.
Jack is in the capable hands of popular CBBC presenter Ed Petrie - he is the dashing hero...isn't that right, boys and girls...and he woos our lovely princess, courtesy of Hi-5s Emma Nowell, we know we will be going to the wedding ball.
It's a nicely played romance in this top notch, family festive offering.
Numerous villagers make you feel you have stepped into a giant Christmas card.
And now for the giant - there is a magical entrance from a marvellous Mr Big who leaves children open-mouthed in amazement.
I was pretty shocked myself but I still wanted him to get his comeuppance ( I am still a kid at 55).
The four-piece orchestra are superb and keep the tempo rocking along.
Solo singers and ensemble pieces are toe-tappers of the first order.
Listen to Your heart , Monster Mash and the classic Higher and Higher are feel-good winners.
The script flows throughout so all credit to the excellent production team. You know who you are...look behind you for applause.
Oh, there is one other star who milks the story for all it's worth...
Daisy the Cow.
I was feeling sad when she was sold for a bag of beans. Pull the udder one, I hear you say.
There's also a silly but enjoyable ghostie sequence.
This is a wonderful fairy tale of mayhem and fun - a real collective success story for every single person involved.
When you hear the kids boo, laugh and clap you know that its done the job to perfection.
Globe Verdict: Terrifically traditional. 9/10
The show runs until January 5 and tickets from the box office at or 0151 666 0000.

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