Wednesday, 22 December 2010

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Basingstoke's Anvil is home this Christmas, as usual, to a traditional panto story. Sleeping Beauty offers the elements that we are all used to with good and bad fairies (in the hands of a couple of stars), a dame and a pair of young lovers. With the good folk of the village played by local youngsters and a whole load of jokes about X-factor and Strictly Come Dancing, this show faithfully touches all the bases...
Nick Wilton provides a bustling Nurse Nelly with more than a bit of a bruiser about her (and) outfits satisfactorily outrageous and over the top.

Friday, 17 December 2010

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UK Productions has always provided conventional pantomimes and this year’s traditional offering at the Anvil has the long established stamp of habitual routine all over it. And if the format works, why not? It’s fun, lively, colourful and has enough audience participation and euphemistic gags to satisfy both children and adults respectively.
There is an almost manic obsession to include every traditional aspect of panto, from those age-old routines of the echo trick, the mirror ‘ballet’ and kitchen slapstick, but it is also deeply satisfying that these well-loved veteran novelties of our great British theatre are upheld.
Wendy Craig is perfect as the Good Fairy with Andrew Agnew working enthusiastically as Silly Billy, Nick Wilton as an excellent Nurse Nelly and Michael Chance as the comical King.

Review (2)

The Anvil's pantomime is a true festive feast of fun for all the family. Director Maurice Lane's Sleeping Beauty is a spectacular show filled with dazzling special effects, beautiful costumes and a dream cast.
Every panto needs a Dame and Nick Wilton was the superlative Nurse Nelly with the most outlandish costumes and so many of them. The rapport between Silly Billy and Nelly was effervescent.

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Panto Review

The undoubted stars of this piece are Nick Wilton’s dame, Nurse Nelly, and Silly Billy, played by Andrew Agnew (known to kiddies up and down the land as PC Plum from CBeebies Balamory).
The pair work tirelessly to wring every bit of comedy from (the) script, with a nice bit of business with a mirror and by launching themselves into the audience, bringing some much needed energy to proceedings.

Up & Running

Last two shows of the week today. Nice review from Whatsonstage even though they came to 10.30 (Schools) show on our second day.
Looking forward to a going home for a couple of hours  - I'll get back about 11.00pm tonight and will have to head back to Basingstoke Monday afternoon for 10.30am show Tuesday (Only three 10.30's left thankfully)

Monday, 10 May 2010

2010 - Basingstoke

Thrilled to be back with UK Productions for my 11th consecutive year playing Dame in Sleeping Beauty with Wendy Craig, Abi Titmuss and Andrew Agnew in Basingstoke (9th December - 2nd January)
Previous pantos :

Friday, 5 March 2010

2010/11 season

Hooray! Booked today for panto this Christmas -
my 11th consecutive year as Dame.
More details soon...

Monday, 18 January 2010


Been home a week now and I'm slowly wading through the washing and packing everything away. Loved doing "Snow White" in Weston and hope I get the chance to work with some of the cast again - they were all great to be with. Went to see Evolution's "Peter Pan" in Canterbury last Friday, with three mates in it - Ben Roddy as Smee, Louise English as Mrs Darling/Squatting Cow/Mia the Mermaid, and Dave Lee as Tinkerbelly (!). They were all great and it was a lot of fun. Off to see Nigel Ellacott in Ilford on Thursday, and then it's bye bye to Pantoland till next year.

Sunday, 3 January 2010

A week to go

Quite a few pantos round the country finish today but we've still got a week to go. Day off tomorrow - hooray! We only had a day off on thursday but these three days have been hard - don't know why.
Here are a few panto facts:
I have twelve costume changes per show - 3 of which are quick changes in the wings; for the others I go back to my dressing room which is one floor up from stage level (18 steps).
So I go up and down 360 steps per show.
In the course of our run here in Weston I will have had 564 costume changes,
and gone up and down 16920 steps (and that's in high heels!)