Saturday, 30 November 2013

Day 3 in the Big Panto House

An afternoon call today for a bit of singing and dancing. We've now gone through the whole panto, blocking and a doing a bit of tinkering with the script. 
It's a great company this year and it's going to be a lot of fun.

We're rehearsing in the Pacific Road Arts Centre in Birkenhead (which is now sadly closed). It's a converted tram shed and huge!

The transport museum that was there is closed as well and we have to walk between the last remaining trams to get to our rehearsal space.

We're using the empty shops in the museum 
as the music and acting rehearsal rooms,
and the dancers are in the theatre space.

Last night Mark James (our Silly Billy) and I managed to get into Ken Dodd's sold-out show at The Floral Pavilion, which was great; the last time I saw him live was on a family holiday to Bournemouth in 1969.

Today's late start meant I was able to get to Caffe Cream for one of their wonderful homemade Ice Creams.
I went for Key Lime this time and it was delicious, as always.

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Boots v Wellies

The Yellow Jelly Doc Martens that I ordered on ebay arrived this morning and now I can't decide which I prefer - the yellow or the green ones that arrived yesterday.

(the boots come with free yellow socks but they'd probably look better with the yellow striped knee highs that I've already got)

I think the yellow ones are more fun, but on the other hand the green ones would look silly; however on my feet they'd be much easier to put on and change out of; maybe I'll alternate them between shows. 

In case anyone's interested, here's some links to the two styles of boot on ebay:


Old boots

The problem with boots has arisen this year because the company that made my old boots no longer exists, and I didn't have any that would go with my new costume. I used to get my boots for about £45 but now I'd only be able to get them for considerably more (well over £100).
I think the wellies or Doc Martens will be alright for my opening spot, but I'll go back into my old leather ones for the rest of the show; I think they'll be more comfortable.

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Hot to Trot

Dame Trot is thrilled with her new ankle welly boots, 
which arrived in the post this morning

I needed some green ones to go with my wonderful new costume (and daisy head dress), made for me by 
Michael and Jo at Costume Fairies

I've also ordered some transparent jelly Doc Martens with yellow soles and laces, which I also liked the look of.

Off to New Brighton to start rehearsals three weeks today!
Where did that year go?