Thursday, 7 November 2013

Boots v Wellies

The Yellow Jelly Doc Martens that I ordered on ebay arrived this morning and now I can't decide which I prefer - the yellow or the green ones that arrived yesterday.

(the boots come with free yellow socks but they'd probably look better with the yellow striped knee highs that I've already got)

I think the yellow ones are more fun, but on the other hand the green ones would look silly; however on my feet they'd be much easier to put on and change out of; maybe I'll alternate them between shows. 

In case anyone's interested, here's some links to the two styles of boot on ebay:


Old boots

The problem with boots has arisen this year because the company that made my old boots no longer exists, and I didn't have any that would go with my new costume. I used to get my boots for about £45 but now I'd only be able to get them for considerably more (well over £100).
I think the wellies or Doc Martens will be alright for my opening spot, but I'll go back into my old leather ones for the rest of the show; I think they'll be more comfortable.

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  1. They are both bright and fun and either would look great. But as you say it depends which ones are more practical for quick changing etc. Hope you have a great run this season :)