Friday, 17 December 2010

Review (3)

UK Productions has always provided conventional pantomimes and this year’s traditional offering at the Anvil has the long established stamp of habitual routine all over it. And if the format works, why not? It’s fun, lively, colourful and has enough audience participation and euphemistic gags to satisfy both children and adults respectively.
There is an almost manic obsession to include every traditional aspect of panto, from those age-old routines of the echo trick, the mirror ‘ballet’ and kitchen slapstick, but it is also deeply satisfying that these well-loved veteran novelties of our great British theatre are upheld.
Wendy Craig is perfect as the Good Fairy with Andrew Agnew working enthusiastically as Silly Billy, Nick Wilton as an excellent Nurse Nelly and Michael Chance as the comical King.

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