Wednesday, 30 December 2009

27 down, 20 to go

Past the half-way point now and all going well. Playing Dolly with a slightly lower voice this year so there's not so much strain on the old chords, and I'm managing to avoid the dreaded "panto voice". A dwarf short tonight (sorry, couldn't resist that ) so one of the juve dancers has taken his/her place. A full compliment of (big) dancers for a couple of days now - they've been worst hit by various bugs etc; this confirms my theory that choreography just ain't natural and isn't good for you, which is why I've always tried to avoid it as much as possible (ever since a nasty case of Gillianlynnitis auditioning for "Chitty")
Heard a new Specsavers gag that I might try and sneak in today.

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